Our Company

C & S Industries has been providing commercial email marketing solutions to internet businesses worldwide since 1995. Prior to the inception of opt-in email as an industry standard, we began as one of the internet’s original bulk email ISP’s, providing co-location, web hosting, and SMTP access services to hundreds of internet businesses and bulk email marketing service providers. All of whom utilized our network services to deliver their bulk email marketing. As Opt-In Email Marketing became more popular, in 1999, we abandoned bulk email marketing completely in favor opt-in email marketing, and have been providing opt-in email marketing solutions exclusively ever since.

Our Partnerships

Over the last 12 years, we have established several long-term business relationships and strategic alliances with other leading email marketing service providers in the industry. These relationships have allowed us to maintain a steady stream of several million new opt-in email subscribers each month, along with years of uninterrupted connectivity through multiple Tier 1 networks. By combining our extensive experience in opt-in email marketing with our key partnerships, we are able to provide our clients with the absolute highest quality of opt-in email marketing products and services available anywhere, and do so at the most economical prices.

Our Ethics

At C & S Industries, our company’s name and reputation are paramount. As such, we will not participate in the promotion of adult content (pornography) of any kind, or any other content which may be considered illegal, immoral, unethical, or unsuitable for viewing by children under the age of 18. This includes content related to gambling, weapons, illicit activities, chain letters, pyramid fund raising, or illegal paraphernalia of any kind.

Neither C & S Industries, nor any of our clients, wish to be associated in any way with companies who promote products or services of this nature. We understand how important your company’s good name and reputation are, and we will protect it.

Our Software

Over the last 5 years, we have developed what is arguably the most effective Enterprise Opt-In Email Marketing Solution available on the market today. C & S PowerMail, designed and engineered exclusively by C & S Industries, is capable of delivering over 2 million individually personalized opt-in email messages each hour, and simultaneously achieving an average blocking rate of less than 2%. It is C & S PowerMail’s extremely high level of performance and efficiency, combined with the responsive nature of our opt-in email subscribers, which allow us to provide our clients with results that are far superior to those of our competitors.
Notice – Due to the high potential for abuse, C & S PowerMail is no longer being made available for resale.

Our Subscribers

Our database of active Opt-In Email Subscribers includes over 120,000,000 Opt-In U.S. Consumers. And as our opt-in email subscription records include category of interest, gender, date of birth, complete mailing address, and telephone numbers (in many cases), we are also able to target opt-in email marketing to a very specific audience. This type of refined targeted email marketing now allows any small retail businesses to advertise exclusively to potential customers in their immediate geographic area, or specialty businesses to focus exclusively on their target audience. Although our focus has always been on consumers, we do also maintain a growing number of highly responsive Opt-In email subscribers who are business professionals.

Our Service

Unlike the vast majority of companies in the Opt-In Email Marketing Industry, we provide 100% of the services we offer in-house. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are one of the only entirely self sufficient Opt-In Email Marketing Solutions Providers in the marketplace today. Nothing is ever outsourced, so there is no need for concern over the unforeseen actions of an unknown, or disreputable, 3rd party email delivery service. Many of these low priced email marketing delivery services are not even sending opt-in email at all, but spam, which can lead to a host of problems for your business.

We deliver your opt-in email marketing from our own proprietary network (located in the U.S – San Jose, California), using our own enterprise opt-in email delivery solution, to our own opt-in email subscriber database of highly responsive consumers. This allows us to provide our customers with the consistency, reliability, and high level of results they demand. A level of consistency, reliability, and performance which our competitors have repeatedly failed to match. It is also the reason why an overwhelming 80% of our email marketing customers re-order our opt-in email marketing services.

Our Delivery Policy

Almost 4 years ago, we instituted a policy which establishes beyond question that every message sent from our email marketing network is, in fact, to a legitimate Opt-In subscriber. This was done by clearly displaying the website URL, where the opt-in email recipient originally subscribed to our list. This information is displayed above the remove signature in every opt-in email sent from our email marketing network. This policy has eliminated any question as to the legitimacy of our recipient’s opt-in subscription, and also informs the recipient of where they originally subscribed. It simultaneously eliminated any spam complaint issues, and we have also noticed a significant increase in our customer’s campaign response rates since the time the policy was implemented. To our knowledge, we were the first opt-in email service provider to includes this information in all emails, and are still the only one. Another example of our high level of professionalism, and our commitment to protecting your company’s reputation.