The Email Marketing Experts Since 1995
C & S Industries is a true pioneer of the opt-in email marketing industry, and we have been providing high response email marketing services to customers worldwide since 1995. Not only do we offer the most responsive 100% (CAN-SPAM Compliant) Opt-In Email Marketing Services on the market today, our opt-in email marketing services also the most cost-effective, courtesy of our proprietary Enterprise Opt-In Email Marketing Solution PowerMail.

When your opt-in email marketing campaign is provided by C & S Industries, you know exactly who you are working with. Every opt-in email marketing service we offer is provided exclusively and entirely by us.
We Do Not Outsource Any of our Email Marketing Services, Ever!
Email Marketing Experts Since 1995
Why Is Our Opt-In Email Marketing Service The Best?
Our high-response email marketing campaigns are sent to Opt-In Subscribers Only
All of our opt-in email marketing services are 100% CAN-SPAM Compliant
Our high-response opt-in subscriber lists are 100% Exclusive – we do not share them
Our email marketing campaigns include both first and last name personalization
Your opt-in email marketing campaign is delivered from our email marketing network
Our email marketing network is located right here in the U.S. (San Jose, California)
We host your opt-in email advertisement exclusively on our own enterprise servers
We provide a Guaranteed 100% Delivery Rate for your email marketing campaign
Your email campaign is delivered using our Opt-In Email Marketing Solution PowerMail
The PowerMail Email Marketing Solution has the lowest blocking rate in the industry
IMPORTANT NOTICE – We will NOT deliver adult material of any kind!

Whis C & S PowerMail So Much Better?

The PowerMail Enterprise Opt-In Email Marketing Solution delivers over 2 million personalized opt-in email messages per hour from each server, and simultaneously reduces blocking rates to less than 2% per mailing on average. That translates into results for your email marketing campaign. The kind of results that only the fastest, most effective, and most reliable enterprise opt-in email marketing solution on the market can provide.


Save Big On Your Opt-In Email Marketing With C & S PowerMail!